Text Templates

The TextTemplateParser parses the input stream as a sequence of text lines with embedded placeholders. Placeholders may not span several lines, i.e. they must completely be on one line.

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The rules for placeholders are quite simple! A placeholder starts with a single special character and ends with – perhaps a different – special character. Anything between the starting and ending special character is consider to be the name of the placeholder. If e.g. < is the start character and > the end character then the name of the placeholder <ph> would be ‘ph’. To use the start character as part of the static template content it has to be repeated. Therefore no placeholder would be recognized in this <<is no> placeholder. Instead this would result in the static content this <is no> placeholder.

End of Lines

Handling end of lines is not so much question of template file but of the text template parser (see EndLine). The standard behavior of the text template parser is to add the platform specific line end to all but the last line. This behavior can easily be customized by implementing EndLIne.

Author: Marcus Perlick

Date: May 25, 2014

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